What you'll learn in the book

Why you should make mashups

  • Learn why mashups are vital in transforming your live sets and defining your sound as a DJ.
  • See why mashups make you a flexible DJ, able to fit into many different venues.
  • Understand the gear you need, as well as how to set up a workable studio environment without spending a fortune.


Only the music theory you actually need

  • Avoid information overload and learn only the theory you really need to make mashups work: the basics of key, scale, rhythm and energy.
  • Understand how to group bars and beats together, how to decipher time signatures and how to identify the key of a track.
  • Learn why certain musical pairings work together, and how to set up a system that will give you brilliant combinations.

Harness your music

  • Learn how to work with your elements; harness the power of arrangement to make your mashups flow effortlessly.
  • Satisfy the expectations of the dance floor by giving them mashups that make sense.
  • Learn how to extract vocals, drum loops and samples from your music to give you greater flexibility.

mashup arrangement, ableton live
mashup arrangement, ableton live

Techniques in Ableton Live

  • Learn the perfect tool for making mashups - Ableton Live.
  • Discover techniques to edit your elements, get them in rhythm and in key with each other.
  • Learn how to create 'do-it-yourself' acapellas and a mashup template to make you more efficient.
  • Learn how to lay elements together, make great transitions and create epic moments that will hold the audience captive.

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